Standard Membership

Our standard membership has been the back bone of our service since we started. The number of selections varies per day. On a busy Saturday you may get 5 - 8 selections, whereas during the week you may only have 1 or 2 selections or possibly even none. This is because we will not make a selection for the sake of it. We do our research and if nothing matches our criteria for a bet, we are not afraid to pass on the day and wait for a better opportunity.

Beware of tipsters out there who claim their football tips are the best but offer no concrete evidence and cover up their failings with bland rhetoric. All our historic football tips are archived in the member’s area and easily accessible by clients. Our claims on this page are backed by our 200% money back guarantee if you find any one of them to be untrue.

Our standard membership is suitable even if you only place small bets. The graph below shows how your profits would have grown betting £40 on a selection over a 12 week period (December - February last / this year). I do not update this graph very often, but you can be assured we are still making similiar profits.

With the Standard Membership You Get:

Extremely Profitable And Consistent Tips
Assurance Of A High Strike Rate
Stable Reliable Profits
Consistently High Yields
Free Text Message Notification
Tips Also Placed In Members Area
Our No Nonsense Guarantee

If you are looking for a way to win consistently from sports betting then this service is for you. We have had 107 winning months and 4 losing months. Before you join any other service ask them if they can match that record.

Remember, you will have full access to our past tips once you join. If you find any discrepancy between the results and our claims, you are entitled to a 200% refund.

So how much does it cost? Let’s ask you a question instead. Think about all the football systems you have bought over the years, now recall all the dud tips you subscribed to over the years. What is a service that delivers regular profits, backed by a no nonsense guarantee worth to you?

Still not sure? Well lets now think about all the money that those losing systems and tips cost you. What would you give to get half of it back? What would you give to get ALL of it back then then some more? Interested?

With our profit record we could charge as much as £497 a month, and we would still have a boat load of subscribers. However the Standard membership is targeted at the average punter, and we all know he can't afford to pay that!

So we decided you won't have to pay £497 a month.

We decided you won't have to pay £297 a month.

Infact you won't even have to pay £100 a month!

So how much will it cost? Get the best deal by clicking the button below. We promise you won't regret it!

We only take on a limited number of members each season, so if the button above doesn't work, please join as a free member and we will contact you once we have spaces available.

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