Football Betting Systems

If you are trying to find a betting system that makes regular profits, you need to read these articles.

Football Betting Systems – The Answer?

Why Are Football Betting Systems So Popular?

Remember if it was as easy as buying a book,  reading it and placing bets, we would all be rich. If you reallty want to win using a system, find one that is NOT for sale, but the author is willing to share his system picks with you for a fee.

That is exactly what we do, and our members can tell you all about the profits they have made.

The above articles were written back in 2009, and they have been proved to be true over that time.  The fact football betting tipsremains that you will be hard pressed to find a betting system that was on sale in 2009 and is still successful today. Whereas here at football betting champion, we have gone from strength to strength and have made profits for our members almost every month. One of the reason for our success is that we carefully monitor the number of members, and aren’t afraid to put up the SOLD OUT signs should they get too high.

Here are some more articles that you really should read if you are hell bent on using published football systems:

Football Betting Systems That Work

Using the wrong tools (systems) for betting is a recipe for failure. I trust this article has helped you see why you have been unsuccessful so far, and highlighted what you need to do to succeed in this endeavour.


  1. Wise words Colin. I have tried many systems over the years and they have all failed eventually. I’ve now been a subscriber to your tips for over 18 months and don’t buy any football betting systems.

    Comment by Maurice

  2. Used to buy all the latest football betting systems until I signed up here. Now I only use your football predictions. They are the best.

    Comment by footballfan

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