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The football betting tips from our incredible football betting systems are offered to a limited number of members. Our target is to provide our clients with season after season of profit. We are a private online soccer picks service. Our football predictions are based on a system that is NOT for sale. Every week we provide our clients with picks and staking advice. Our goal is to make consistent profits for our clients and ourselves. This has been demonstrated by our high strike rate (81%) with an average price of 1.55 and profits extending over 9 years.

Here is a question you MUST ask all football tipsters or football betting systems vendors:

"If it is so good, why are you selling it?"

Here is our answer:

"Our tips are only released to clients AFTER our personal bets have been placed. Therefore sharing this information has no impact on our potential profit and provides us with an additional stream of income.

The football predictions are based on our strategies, which have never been offered for sale, and never will be. As our selections are fixed odds and in very strong markets, the amounts we are placing have a negligible impact on the prices available to clients. This ensures that they are happy and we are happy."

The Football Betting Champion Team

Longevity: Since 2005 we have been predicting the outcome of soccer matches around the world. We operate all year round and the summer months are frequently our most profitable. We cover a strong portfolio of leagues from a large number of countries. Over the years our strategies have developed and flourished to become the profit generating machines they are today.

We take the knocks for you: Football betting is not a level playing field. If you think you can win just by following some system in a book, you are going to get eaten by the wolves. Our methods take in an incredible number of variables, analyse the input and then present us with its picks. We research these matches even further to take into account factors that can't be assessed by a computer. We weed out the ones that look uncertain or are in questionable leagues. This safeguards your investment and builds your profit.

Make A Million Tonight! I’m sorry, we can’t promise that. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong site. There are a lot of con men out there who will readily make you that promise and take your money. Let us get this straight - it is NOT easy to win at football. We will have winning days and we will have losing days. Our aim is to ensure there are more winning days than losing days.

Limited membership: Until recently we only permitted 100 active members at a time. With the number of available sports books increasing by the day, we decided last week to increase this number to 200. If the "Join Now" button is deactivated, put your name on our waiting list, and we will contact you when a place is available.

Integrity and honesty: You may have dealt with some shady characters in the past, and quickly found that the initial sales pitch bore no resemblance to the actual results achieved by the product. In the members area you will find an area, where you can look back on our past record. This will show you a) Matches we looked at closely b) Matches we made tips. All members see the same information, and if you can find a discrepancy in our claims, you are entitled to a 200% refund. We also make our other guarantee’s very clear right from the start.

Never miss a tip: All picks will be available in the member’s area from 11 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on Weekends and Public Holidays. All members can receive notification of their soccer tips via SMS text message as well.

Standard Membership

Our standard membership has been the back bone of our service since we started.

The number of soccer picks vary per day.

On a busy Saturday our football systems may generate 8 - 11 soccer picks, these will then be further analysed and reduced to 4-6 tips. Whereas on a Monday / Tuesday you may only have 1 or 2 or possibly even none after our analysis is completed.

This is because we will not make a prediction for the sake of it. We do our research and if nothing matches our criteria for a tip, we are not afraid to pass on the day and wait for a better opportunity. [read more...]

Premier Membership

Our Premier membership service is targeted at high rollers who demand a high strike rate and guaranteed profits from our soccer betting tips.

There will never be more than one Premier pick on a day. On some days there will be no tips.

This is usually because none of the soccer games meet the stringent criteria we use to make our selections. Forget long losing streaks and low returns, these football tips are honed in to bring you maximum profits in minimum time!

Since we started this service, we have had 507 winners and 17 losers. During this time we have made a profit for members that is unrivalled by other sources. [read more...]

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Update: Standard Membership Makes Massive Profits!

£104,660 Profit December 2011 - February 2016! (Inclusive)

£3692 In December 2011!

£2146 In January 2012!

£1952 In February 2012!

£2030 In March 2012!

£1304 In April 2012!

£960 In May 2012!

£1228 In June 2012!

£1540 In July 2012!

£1494 In August 2012!

£1624 In September 2012!

£876 In October 2012!

£774 In November 2012!

£1596 In December 2012!

£938 In January 2013!

£1608 In February 2013!

£3034 March 2013 !

£558 April 2013 !

£3564 Summer (May -July) 2013 !

£1918 August 2013!

£1884 September 2013!

£776 October 2013!

£1434 November 2013!

£1526 December 2013

£1410 January 2014

£1618 February 2014

£3918 March 2014

£3390 April 2014

£2856 May 2014

£1978 June 2014

£1776 July 2014

£4454 August 2014

£3222 September 2014

£3018 October 2014

£1968 November 2014

£1024 December 2014

£1634 January 2015

£1868 February 2015

£1748 March 2015

£2006 April 2015

£840 May 2015

£2104 June 2015

£7092 July 2015

£4614 August 2015

£2306 September 2015

£2176 October 2015

£3026 November 2015

£1696 December 2015

£1984 January 2016

£2478 February 2016

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